• founded in 1993
  • 600 employees
  • Proprerty Independant

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5case studies

  • adidas All In

    • 1 January 2014
    • Television , Print , Web / Mobile
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  • Vidéotron, Campagne de communication stratégique intégrée

    • 9 April 2001
    • Television , Audio / Radio , Print
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  • SAQ - Nouvelle expérience de magasinage

    • 9 August 2001
    • Television , Audio / Radio , Print
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  • Bota-Bota - Spa-sur-l'eau

  • Cirque du Soleil - 10 ans de créativité

    • 12 August 2009
    • Television , Print , Web / Mobile
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We craft innovative consumer experiences

Sid Lee is a global creative team of 600 professionals crafting innovative consumer experiences to drive value for top-tier brands. From their digital roots, they grew into one of the most multidisciplinary firms in the world offering a holistic approach to advertising, architecture and retail design, branded content and entertainment, digital and social media, branding, and reputation management. They work for clients in over 20 countries from their ateliers in Montreal, Amsterdam, Paris, Toronto, and New York. The firm has been named "Agency of the Year" and one of the most performing agencies in the world according to Forbes. It is co-owned by Cirque du Soleil, making for a powerful partnership that fuels their ability to deliver memorable experiences driven by creativity. Sid Lee is also the curator of C2-MTL, a global conference on commerce and creativity ( To learn more about the culture and people, follow them on Facebook/MeetSidLee and Twitter @SidLee and for more info visit

awards and nominations

  • Prix Or Catégorie Campagne intégrée, adidas adidas All In
    Marketing Awards 2012
  • Prix d'Argent Design Environementale, Red Bull CLIO Awards 2012
  • Grand Créa, Vidéotron Vidéotron, Campagne de communication stratégique intégrée
    CREA 2012
  • Prix Catégorie Services, STM CASSIES 2012
  • Agency of the year Marketing Mag 2011
  • Top 5 Most performing agency Forbes 2011
  • Grand Prix, Vidéotron Prix STRAT 2011
  • Grands Prix du design, Red Bull Prix STRAT 2011
  • Prix Signalisation / Branding, Vidéotron Prix STRAT 2011
  • Prix Multidisciplinarité, Experience Ajax Prix STRAT 2011
  • Lion d'or, Bota Bota Bota-Bota - Spa-sur-l'eau
    Lions de Cannes 2011
  • Prix Best launch, SAQ SAQ - Nouvelle expérience de magasinage
    CASSIES 2011
  • International 2010 store design, SAQ Grafika 2010
  • Prix Projet de l'année, Bota Bota Grafika 2010
  • Agency of the year Marketing Magazine 2010
  • Grand Prix volet Marketing interactif, adidas Boomerang 2010
  • Best online advertising, TM Canadian new media awards 2010
  • Best of show, adidas Digital Marketing awards 2010
  • Grand Prix Online advertising, adidas Digital Marketing awards 2010
  • Pencil /Bronze, Functionalab One Show 2010
  • Grand Prix 2010, STM Grafika 2010
  • Agence canadienne de l'année Marketing Magazine 2009
  • Grand Prix Boomerang, adidas Originals Boomerang 2009
  • Silver Design Lion / Corporate or brand identity / Lions de Cannes 2009
  • Site web, TM Webby Awards 2009
  • Excellence in brand creativity, Red Bull Marketing Awards 2009
  • Prix integrated Campaign, adidas Originals Marketing Awards 2009
  • Online branded content, adidas One Show 2009
  • Collateral design, Sid Lee One Show 2009
  • Grand créa, adidas CREA 2009
  • Grand Prix volet marketing interactif, TM Boomerang 2008
  • Site web, MGM Grand Lions de Cannes 2007
  • Grand Prix Big ideas Big impact, SAQ B!G Awards 2006
  • Best of Show, MGM Grand Digital Marketing Awards 2006

head team

  • Bertrand Cesvet Chairman, Senior Partner
  • François Lacoursière Vice-President, Senior Partner
  • Jean-François Bouchard President, Senior Partner
  • Martin Gauthier Vice-President, Senior Partner
  • Pétula Bouchard COO, Partner
  • Philippe Meunier Creative Chief, Senior Partner
  • Vito Piazza Managing Partner, Toronto
  • Alex Bernier Creative Director, Partner
  • Alexandre Pasini Head of Strategy, Partner, Amsterdam
  • Claudia Roy Executive Producer, Partner, Jimmy Lee
  • Daniel Fortier Director of Financial Operations, Partner
  • Dave Roberts Executive Creative Director, Partner, Toronto
  • Eric Alper Vice-President, Strategy, Partner, Toronto
  • Éric Moreau Vice-President, Development and Interactive Production, Partner, Sid Lee Technologies
  • Eva Van Den Bulcke Co-Creative Director, Partner
  • George Giampuranis Creative Director, Partner
  • Gérard Tardif CFO, Partner
  • Hélène Godin Executive Creative Vice-President, Partner
  • Jean Pelland Architect, Partner, Sid Lee Architecture
  • Jean-François Fortin Vice-President, Partner
  • Johan Delpuech Managing Partner, Paris
  • Julie Provençal Vice-President, Account Services and Operations, Partner
  • Justin Kingsley Partner, Sid Lee Public Relations
  • Karim Kendjouh Vice-President, Enterprise Technologies, Partner
  • Kristian Manchester Executive Creative Director, Partner
  • Lukas Derksen Vice-President, Partner, New York
  • Martin Leblanc Architect, Partner, Sid Lee Architecture
  • Nicolas Van Erum Partner, Sid Lee Public Relations
  • Niels Van De Walle Managing Partner, Amsterdam
  • Pierre Campeau Managing Partner, Sid Lee Technologies
  • Richard Jean-Baptiste Executive Producer, Partner, Jimmy Lee
  • Stéphane Alozy Vice-President, Account Services and Branded Content, Partner
  • Sylvain Thirache Executive Creative Director, Partner, Paris
  • Will Travis President USA, Senior Partner, New York
  • Yanick Bédard Interactive Vice-President, Partner, Sid Lee Technologies
  • Yann Mooney Executive Creative Director, Partner, Amsterdam
  • Cirque du Soleil Partner

on the web

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office localization

  • Toronto

  • 55 Mill Street Building 5, Suite 500
  • Toronto Ontario
  • M5A 3C4
  • 416-421-4200

list of clients


  • Sponsorship
  • Product design
  • Integrated campaign
  • Advertising creation
  • Design
  • Brand management
  • Direct marketing/Relationship marketing (CRM)
  • Interactive marketing/Web-based solutions
  • Strategic planning
  • Point-of-sale (POS) advertising
  • Public relations
  • Events and experiential marketing
  • Architecture (Sid Lee Architecture), audiovisual production (Jimmy Lee), e-commerce
  • Langues : anglais français espagnol


  • AAPQ
  • L'ordre des Architectes du Québec
  • IRAC